Sage is a top US hotel management company.
About Sage History

Since 1984, the Sage entrepreneurial spirit has been hard at work.

Founded in 1984, Sage Hospitality is one of largest privately held hotel
management and development companies in the nation. We began to develop
hotels in 1998, with a particular specialty in urban historic
redevelopment. From 1998 to the present, Sage has developed 24 hotels,
nine of which were urban redevelopments. These developments ranged in
size from $10M to $140M per project.

In 2004, Sage began to acquire existing hotels as a direct investor with
institutional and pension fund capital, completing more than 20
transactions over a five-year period, for a total investment volume of

In September 2005, Sage Restaurant Group (SRG) was formed to help create
profitable, positive, destination restaurants within hotels. Since its
inception, SRG has established ten restaurant concepts in Sage hotels,
operating at unprecedented revenue levels.

Sage has operated in over 200 markets throughout the United States over
its history, taking the same approach to each and every market we enter.
We place the best available talent into leadership positions at the
hotel, support them with the most suited professionals at the corporate
office, and lead hotel competencies.

Today, Sage Hospitality operates over 13,000 rooms in approximately 60
hotels, located in 19 states. Our 5,000 associates at the property level
are supported by 100 associates at our corporate office in Denver.