Sage Hospitality offers a unique hotel & restaurant management structure.
Operational Structure

Experience the Sage touch uptown, downtown, in a restaurant or a bar.

Even our structure is different. We function in specialized business units. Sage strategically aligns teams based upon industry expertise not geography.

Our focused talent structure allows us to provide industry segment expertise to our owners, versus a client or geographical structure that often dilutes the effectiveness of the team.

Premier & Lifestyle Hotel Division This collection of professionals has a unique ability to position and market urban hotels to a broader base of customer, creating a sense of style and an energy level that drives market leadership and extraordinary returns. This division is comprised of independent, luxury and urban-centered select service hotels. The commonality of these hotels is their urban location that helps define a certain client mix with unique expectations. Each hotel is at the top of their class and their location is a prime city locale.

Full & Select Hotel Division This group has creative insight that drives performance in full service hotels. These core-branded hotels in the Hilton, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Marriott, and Starwood families are located in secondary and tertiary markets. Each hotel has been strategically positioned to create a core differential that helps it surpass the competition.

Select Service Hotel Division A team of nimble, proactive professionals that dynamically drive revenues across their select service hotels. These suburban hotels are more limited in their service offerings, however their customer service is limitless. The hotels include Marriott and Hilton brands.

Sage Restaurant Group No other management company has anything like this unique Sage division. Our dedicated food & beverage team creates original, wildly popular and profitable restaurant concepts within Sage Hotels. SRG restaurants generate tremendous public relations coverage, attracting local patrons and creating market pull for our hotels.